Real Chili Pepper Earrings




Despite the risk that somebody will steal my revolutionary idea of vegan jewelry, I present you a very simple, few minutes build of organic earrings.

All we need is...


  • Pliers - cutting & needle-nose
  • Forceps - or alligator clips


  • Jewelry wire - I used 0.5mm silver
  • Chili Peppers - I used Chilly Chili
  • Epoxy Resin - I used Devcon 2 Ton
  • Ear wires


Step 1: Preparations

First we will cut off two pieces of jewelry wire, 10-12 cm in length, and twist it around a bicycle spoke to form the eyelets.

Then we prepare the fresh (!) chili peppers by washing, drying and removing the stem (Pedicel).

Step 2: Assembly

Next we gently insert the wires into the peppers with a twisting motion, making sure that we don't puncture them.

Then we mix the epoxy resin and apply it onto the peppers with a brush.

Once the resin is cured we mount the earring wire and we're done.

Please note that these kind of earrings will last for about a week (maybe two, if you keep them in the fridge), then they'll start to degrade.



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    27 days ago

    without the resin, it would be a very creative way to dry chili peppers :)
    then you could spice up your food wherever you are...