Tennis Ball Mortar on Steroids!


Introduction: Tennis Ball Mortar on Steroids!

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Man, I feel guilty.

Like, really guilty.

This will be my second Instructable that ain't a real Instructable. No Instructions. None. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

I feel like I am letting down the hundreds of people who are waiting with bated breath for my next amazing project.

(sarcasm alert ^^)

But then I have to remind myself why I come to this site. I don't come for the instructions. (though they are nice to have) I come for the ideas. I come to fuel my think tank. I wish there had been a post like this on this site before now. I would have had a great idea a whole lot sooner. instructable like this is looked down upon by the authors of real instructables. They will ask, "Why didn't you make a real instructable?" or "Can't you post Instructions?" This post won't get featured, it won't get many views, and I won't be winning any contests. And I will be looked down upon as the guy who doesn't put out quality content.

Really, I wish I could have made a full ible of this project. It really deserves it, and hopefully someday I will. But I didn't. I didn't take pics as I built it, and there's no going back now.

So then it really comes down to the question of whether I should post this video of my most recent project, and give some people a really great idea, or bow to the peer pressure and keep it to myself. No one will get any ideas.

The answer is obvious. And I don't care what you think :)

Step 1: The Actual Thing:

This is a super simple, really awesome project, that only takes a little bit of time to build, but is extremely gratifying. If you like explosions, fire, and really loud things, that is.

It is made solely out of paint cans and duct tape, and uses lighter fluid to propel footballs 300 feet.

No kidding. 300 feet.

Like I said; extremely gratifying. And very loud.

This video was originally made for my Website and YouTube channel, and if you have enjoyed my projects in the past, I'm sure you would love my Website. Lots of details on all my projects, along with a store where you can buy some of the stuff I make, knife & gear reviews, as well as other great resources for the DIYer. Go check it out:



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