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Were going to take a useless old Guitar Hero controller and turn it into a MIDI controller with powerchords, solos, whammy bar, and palm muting all in one. BTW: None of this software is mine, and belongs to their rightful owners.

Step 1: Software/Hardware Needed

Your going to need:
A VST Host (i use FL Studio 8) but you can get a free one here:
A GH Controller, and an adapter if its not for Xbox 360 or PS3
Max/MSP Runtime:
MIDItar Hero (this is where the magic happens)
MusicLab's RealStrat (not free, unless you know what a torrent is)
GuitarRig 3 VST (also not free, unless you use a torrent)
A MIDI Loopback device: I reccommend LoopBE1
and any drivers you might need to get your PC to recognize it as a joystick.

Step 2: The Setup

Assuming you have all of the components installed/downloaded, let us continue.
1. Plug in your GH Controller
2. Load up the Max/MSP Runtime
3. Open up MIDItar Hero (.mxf)
4. Under Controller select your joystick
5. Under Controller Type, select which type of controller you have. NOTE: If you have a PS2 Controller or something not listed, then select custom controller in the Control Type menu.
6. Test your controller to see if the buttons are working: (whammy, strum and notes) don't worry about the Power Chords etc. yet.
7. If you chose custom, then follow the on-screen instructions to set it up that will pop-up.
8. Select your MIDI output, it should be something like Input from LoopBE1 or something.
9. Click on the normal button.
10. Load-up your VST Host and RealStrat
11. On RealStrat, setup your audio, and make sure your MIDI Input is the same as your MIDI Output from MIDItar hero, and make sure your MIDI Output (on realstrat) is set to microsoft GS Wavetable....
12. Test to see if your GH Controller is sending the notes to RealStrat, then continue
13. Load-up GuitarRig 3 and select a nice distortion...YAAAAAAOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!! THUNDA
TO TOGGLE POWERCHORDS: hold start, then push green
TO TOGGLE SOLO MODE: hold start then push yellow, or if your using a rock band controller just go to the high frets.
TO TOGGLE Sustain/Smooth playing: Hold start then push red

Step 3: GET ROCKN!!!!!!!

You can find more info and a couple of riffs for your new axe at:



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    11 Discussions


    9 years ago on Step 1

    Nice guide :)

    You don't necessarily have to torrent RealStrat, brilliant though it is (brilliant enough to not rip off, anyway)- you can achieve much the same sound using completly free plugins...

    If you get a SoundFont player like rg:audio sfz (google should provide), a decent amp plugin (DIG from AcmeBargig is nice) and a sound font of a guitar (plenty out there, of all different types- again with google) loaded into the player then you basically get everything except the chords that RealStrat can do.

    Guess what? i just used this to play along with our church band and it sounded tight


    9 years ago on Introduction

    thanks a bunch for this i just got my GH PS2 controller working with it.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I use the Xplorer. It is pretty cool. I used Fruity Loops 8 Trial for my MIDI output. It has a bunch of preset sounds and I made a Vocoder with Fruity Loops.


    9 years ago on Step 2

    I can't get any sound out of realstrat... it may be the file was corrupted or something, the .rar was really wierd... Got any suggestions?


    9 years ago on Introduction

    old useless gh/rb guitars are gold for me,still searching for a (some) free one(s).
    my friend got a broken one for 35euros, i fixed it,and played,even as bad as it was it worked well...


    hey man thanks for the awesome Instructable but I cant seem to get it to play through guitar rig can ya help me please

    Well, if you bought an adapter for a PS2 controller then the adapter should have a driver, but if you are using a PS3 or XboX 360, then google "PS3 joystick driver" or Xbox 360 joystick driver" and you should find a good driver. Just install and then plug in the controller and all should go well