Real Lava Lamp




Introduction: Real Lava Lamp

This instrutable is on a real lava lamp. I've seen Lava lamps on you tube and google but they are never real lava lamps the ones that are powered by a light or candle. Hope you enjoy this instrucable

Step 1: Materials

Voss drink bottle 800ml
Olive oil or other oil
Candle wax or old candle
Methylated spirits
Old food can
New candles

Step 2: Coating the Spring in Wax

Coating the spring in wax is so that the spring will stick to the rest of the wax when it's all done.
So you start off with getting the spring out of the pen then grab your wax and place it into a card board cup and place that in the microwave for 3:00 minutes then take it out and pour a couple of mls of methylated spritis in with the wax
Then place the spring in the mixture and place it in the fridge to cool for a couple of minutes
Once it has cooled pull it out of the wax before it has fully solidified and then just place the spring back in the fridge

Step 3: Making the Mixture

Pour 250ml of water in the glass bottle
The pour 700ml of methylated spirits Into the mix
Pour 25 ml of olive oil and then add two hand fulls of wax into the mix I used a funnel that I made out of a soda bottle

Step 4: Making the Stand

Drill 8mm holes into the steel can
Grab a candle and place it in the can you may have to prop it up to get it high enough light the candle and place the lid on the voss drink bottle then place it on the can with the candle lit then wait three hours for the lamp to heat up then just sit back and watch the show



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    4 Discussions

    If you used an 800 ml bottle, how did you fit over 975 ml of fluid into the bottle (250 ml water plus 700 ml of methylated alcohol plus 25 ml olive oil plus added wax)? Am I missing something?

    1 reply

    Yes sorry you need less methylated sprits then just adjust the mix till it works

    the spring is there two heat up the wax and oil from the inside and the spring is there to make it quicker for the candle to heat up

    basically it is just there to speed up the process

    what is the spring for???