Real Lego Tripod

Introduction: Real Lego Tripod

Hello everyone, today i'm going to show you to make a "Real" LEGO tripod made with LEGO pieces only. The latter do not need any "Phone to tripod" adaptator and can hold most of the phone out there (I use an Iphone 6 for the size).

PS : Don't mind my english, i'm French ><

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Step 1: Tripod Feet

Firstable, we are going to make the 3 feet of the tripod which are going to support the phone and the head. For that we are going to need :

- x2 11 holes long "pipes"

- x1 7 holes long "pipes"

- x1 3 holes long "pipes" with a 1 X holes on the middle

- x1 3 holes long "pipes" with X holes on the sides

- x2 3 holes long stem

- x1 2 holes long stem with x "output"

- x1 2 holes long stem

Step 2: Center Column

Secondable, we are going to make the central colum which is here to support the 3 feet. So we need :

- x2 8 holes disk

- x3 9 holes long X stem

- x1 8 holes long X stem

- X1 4 holes long X stem

- X3 small grey gear

- X4 thin X "stopper"

- X4 thick X "stopper"

Step 3: Tripod Head / Part 1

Now we are going to make the most important part of the tripod : the head. The latter allow us to attach the phone to the tripod. In the first part we need thos pieces :

- X2 4 holes long plates

- X1 L shape plates

- X2 6 holes long plates

- X2 2 holes long plates

- X2 1 holes long Stem

- X2 2 holes long "pipes" with a X holes on side

Step 4: Tripod Head / Part 2

Next intructions

Step 5: Assembly

Nom just assembly the feet on the column then put he first part of the head on the tripod base the last piece of the head on the top of the other one.

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    3 years ago

    i will try to make one of EV3. maybe remote controlled turning and motion. very cool