Real Life Banner Ads

Most people see so many banner ads on the internet that they tend to fade into the background. In real life, you don't see them at all....until now. (queue evil laughter)

Step 1: Assemble Your Equipment.

You will need :
1. 3"x5" index cards
2. something to mark them with (I used a custom "typeset" style rubber stamp and inkpad)

Step 2: Fold the Card

1. Take one of the index cards and fold it in half along the short axis. If the card is ruled, make sure the lines are on the "inside".

2. Fold each half in half again toward the original fold. (see pics)

Step 3: Add Your Information

Stamp or write your Product name or whatever on the outer surface, and more detailed information on the inner surface of the card and fold it back up.  Your real life banner ads are ready to drop on a store shelf, or on the counter at your local library.



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