Real Life Minecraft Torch! 3D Printed and Painted




Introduction: Real Life Minecraft Torch! 3D Printed and Painted

Hi everybody! I'm back with an easy and good looking project!

In case you lived outside this planet during the past few years, "Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks. At first, people built structures to protect against nocturnal monsters, but as the game grew players worked together to create wonderful, imaginative things" says the official page. In particular, the torch prevents monsters to spawn around you all the time. So, since my house is in a high spawned area, I decided to craft a torch!

Step 1: What You Need

First of all, you need the model, and you can get it from Thingiverse at this page. It is pretty easy to print and the angle is such that allows you to print without support (thanks!). As you may notice, I modified the original model by removing most of the base. If you are interested in my "remix", just ask.

You will also need several tones of brown. You can just make them by mixing brown, white and black. Easy stuff. Remember, you need acrylic paint! Other kinds of paint just don't stick on typical 3D printing plastics (ABS, PLA).

Last but not least, you need four or more flickering LEDs (the guy who designed the model uses eight LEDs). I just took them out of those little flickering candles you use when you want to be romantic without setting on fire your house.

Step 2: Print and Paint

These are two pretty straight forward steps.

As a reference for the colors, I used the image up here. I know it's very little, but I was watching it on the phone so... anyway, you can find thousands of examples by just googling it.

I decided not to paint the "flame" of the torch for three reasons:

  1. I didn't have yellow paint.
  2. My LEDs were yellow by themselves, so the result was good anyway.
  3. Probably, an opaque color would dim the light intensity.

Step 3: Wire It Up!

As a power source I used a four AA battery pack, which fitted nicely inside the torch. Since 4x1.5V = 6V, in order to don't blow up the LEDs, I soldered them two in parallel, in series with the other couple. That's the limit of my english, just look the images and you'll get it.

I also recycled one of the switches from the candles.

Step 4: Hang It Up!

I think that the original model had to be glued to the wall, I'm not sure. Anyway, in my "remix" I added that kind of oval hole used in photo frames, so that you can hang it with anail or a screw.

That's it! Now you are safe from monsters spawning in your room! Nevertheless, I recommend keeping an axe near your bed.

Hope you enjoyed, if you like the video you can subscribe to my channel.

For any questions, feel free to post down here!



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    17 Discussions

    Nice. My youngest gave me a 3D printer diamond ore for my birthday (sketched by him in Blender and printed with sintered colored sand in a print shop). So that will be the next present then :-)

    8 replies

    That's a really nice gift! I think I'll make one too ;) It's cool to be alive now; the first time in History in which anyone can think a make really complex shapes just for fun.
    If you make the torch, post a photo, I'm really curios about how it'll come out :)

    Here's a picture of the 3D prints: diamond, diamond block and diamond ore. The blocks have an edge length of about 2.5 cm (1").


    They look super cool! I still never used that kind of printer... are they solid inside? And do they brake you let them fall from for example one and a half meter? Just for curiosity :)

    I can't look inside but I guess from the weight that they are solid. It's just sand, so the material is not that expensive. The surface is similar to a fine nail file.

    They also print expensive materials like gold or titanium. In those cases there would be a significant price difference ;-)

    Will do, though it's still a bit time til my next birthday :-)

    Ahahah yeah, that's a good point :)

    Indeed :-) I'll upload a photo of it tomorrow.

    I had a closer look at the torch and found that it's actually not mounted at a 45 deg angle but more like 20 deg or so.

    1 reply

    That's true but it would be much more difficult to print it with that angle. If you print it "standing up" you need to use a lot of support. Instead, if you print it laying down you'll need to put support inside the torch to sustain the upper wall.

    Anyway you can ask to the guy who designed it here


    Maybe he can update the model

    Ahahah thank you! You know who's not fan of Minecraft? Who never played it ;)

    Awesome Instructable!!!! I voted. :D That's a super cool idea.

    1 reply

    Thank you very much, that means a lot for me!
    I'm working on many other cool projects, both here and on youtube, stay tuned!