How to Draw the Guardian Symbol


Introduction: How to Draw the Guardian Symbol


this is a short tutorial for the people in my Guardian movement. thank you for participating to save the planet from the hatefulness modern society has cast on the natural world.

Step 1: Rank

The image above is the image you can use for showing that you are a member. the rank above is standard, you can achieve elite rank by doing jobs that are posted by me, or in general on your own accord. you can tell me what you have done and I may consider changing your rank.

Step 2: Nopes


Step 3: Update

I will try to have more ranks posted soon.



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    7 Discussions

    hey, I sent ya an email. hope ta hear from ya soon

    Hi. I'm very interested in becoming a Guardian. My e-mail is I live in Australia, so I'm not sure if you want me but I'll do what I can to save the natural world!

    1 reply

    Sorry i haven't gotten ahold of you, i tried to send email, i haven't gotten a reply yet, besides the point. Im making a website soon with all the information you should need, in the meantime, you are accepted, since our group favors privacy, hide your personal information, you will be known as 3A of the first league of the Guardians. You will be ranked based upon your deeds.tell me what you've done for our world, and i will archive it, and eventually, your rank will be upholdered.

    thank you dakota, I have sent your indepth info. I hope you are moved.

    Of course, I will keep note of your email and get to you as soon as I can.

    Hello, I'm interested in what you are doing, however the tasks you would like for us to do are unclear please explain by email to