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Introduction: Real Life Titanfall Ejection Lever

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Hello everybody,

So, after inspiration of the game Titanfall, i wanted to make a ejection lever, just like you see a pilot do when he ejects out of his titan.


This is my first Instructable post, so the pictures are not as detailed and some instructions might not be clear. And i'm dutch, so some words might not make sense :)

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Step 1: The Parts

So, for the parts i chose were these:

- A wooden plank to put all the parts on. (you can use any size of wood, just as long as it fits.

- A wooden rod. (To pull on)

- A switch. ( i used a switch like you see inside a mouse which i got out of a old device. But you can search online for it.)

- Some ropes

- A wireless mouse. (Doesn't matter which one, just a wireless mouse)

- A spring

- A PVC pipe with a 45 degree angle

- PVC holders

- Steel u shaped bar. (where the wooden plank fits in)

Step 2: Putting the PVC Pipe Onto the Plank

So, this isn't that hard to do, but firstly you put the PVC on the wooden plank with the holders.

Step 3: Adding the Spring

By cutting the spring to size, and attaching it to the wooden bar, i held it in place with a ''bridge'' (See the second picture)

Step 4: Wiring

For the mouse i solderd the switch to the middle mouse button, because thats the button i'm going to use, since i use the left button for fire and the right one for aiming :). So you just find the 2 contacts to wire it to.

After that, i made a hole where the scroll wheel used to sit. So i put the switch inside it and then hot glued it in place.

Step 5: Adding the Mouse to the Wooden Plank

Then i drilled holes in the bottom of the mouse to make it easy to pull it out so that i can turn it off and change the batteries if needed.

Step 6: Finishing It Up

So, i added a second wire to the bar and the spring holder so that when i pull it in the heat of the game, i dont rip off the wire from the mouse button.

And the metal bar goed under my desk where i secure it with screws.

Step 7: It's Done!

It's done! Now you can look cool while ejecing in Titanfall! Here's a video of it in action!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. And if i missed a crucial explanation, i'll try to put it in the post itself

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