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Introduction: Real Brass Goggles



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    Do you make your own screws? If so how do you do it?

    I love those!! They have that true "steampunk i formed the metal myself with a hammer" imperfection which is what i love to see in this area... It doesn't have that Mass manufactured perfection to it and to me that's what steampunk is about

    Although it bears mention that the Victorian Era was the time of the Industrial Age, and most certainly heralded the rise of mass production. Steampunk, for all that it is indeed fantasy, does yet have an undeniable connection with history.

    That is very true but from what i've seen and understood about steampunk, There's a certain inventiveness about the genre that I love to see. I'm not saying gogglerman's goggles aren't amazing (quite the contrary actually, He's a master at metal forming like none i've ever seen before) I just have a special appreciation for imperfections in a design in which you can see the hard work done to it. Much like a hand forged suit of armor so to say(I can't find a better way to describe it i guess lol)

    I have a question about technique.

    On the eye-cups, you form the round-over and then braze the seam.

    But when I look at the end result (and I might just have a bad view) there seems a slight distortion at those seams. As if you couldn't get it to fit right.

    Is there a reason you did not roll and braze your sheet stock for the cups and then hammer the round-over?

    I don't intend to degrade your work, they are excellent and I am a hack, but this element of your build seems counter intuitive.

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    Yes, you're right. Sutures are not ideal because in that work, I used a soft tin solder. Such joints can not be beat with a hammer after soldering. When soldering with silver seam more durable, it can be subjected to straightening.

    The fact that there are no pictures presents a challenge. Forcing the gears in my mind to turn and figure out how to build it. I have a basic idea on how to build it. Great job, thank you.

    This is part of the electric automobile starter, she went to the diameter and I used it as a form of (punch) for the manufacture of the eyepiece of goggles.
    Brass strip fastened around parts with clamps, and clench with a hammer.

    jakesllama nd goggerman both your designs are immense XD

    Im getting my dad to help me out on thease for halloween! I saw thease and im wodering if i can use tin instead of brass( i don't have any money). I love thease but in the very last picture do those befor the finnish product. Do those things go in side the goggles to hold in the lenses?? Plz let me know

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    These goggles can be made from almost anything, though, if the material is replaced by a tin or tin, they will not be stimpunkish:)
    You are right, the last photo shows stoppers. They hold the lens.
    Good luck!

    I recently just made my first pair of goggles, inspired by this pair, but all I had to work with was steel, so I used rivets, It gives it kinda of an "industrial" look. I'd like to see the shape of the metal cut for the lenses cuz mine were just cylinders. Also any ideas as what to use for lenses?