Realistic Crochet Body Parts by an Optimistic Cynic

Hi, my name is Sarah, and I sell crochet body parts at

My pieces are designed to act as three dimensional diagrams; realistic enough to learn from and educate others with, without being intimidating. I've found that there is a universal wonder, as well as visceral humor, in seeing a disembodied organ represented in bright colors of yarn and cushy pillow stuffing. These creations have found homes with doctors, teachers, children undergoing surgeries, struggling to learn what's happening inside of them, and loved ones that are still around thanks to a life-saving donor. 

I have plans for an additional 27 designes to add  to my regular shop inventory over the course of the next year. With the help of this funding, I could complete these designs in half the time, because I will not be depending on revenue from commissions to pay for the raw materials. As I wouldn't be dependent on revenue for materials, it would also enable me to keep an inventory, allowing me to accomidate larger orders and market to a larger, wholesale "brick and mortar" market.

Additionally, due to Etsy's recent search engine and other site changes, my shop views are down about 20%. With additional funding, I plan to produce several more internet based commercials, as well as invest in targeted marketing and ad campaigns.
I plan to begin running regular targeted ads on Facebook, where I communicate directly with my customer base, then gradually incorporating Google and other search engine based marketing opportunities, as well as seeking out commercial ad space on high traffic craft blogs and print publications.

This money would make a huge difference in what I can create, how it's marketed, and how I'll be able to grow this business into a long-term, self sustaining venture.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and for hearing out a small business owner! 



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