Realistic Devil Horns Plus Application



Introduction: Realistic Devil Horns Plus Application

Realistic Halloween Devil horns plus makeup

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Step 1: What You'll Need

No skill needed for the creation of the horns. But for the makeup you need to know what you're doing.

For the horns

1. Modeling clay - quick drying or baking is ok
2. Acrylic paints of your choice. I used black, gold and white for these horns.
3. A paint brush
4. A tool to create gashes. A toothpick will work. However, I used my bikes keys and the effect was brilliant to add texture to the clay.
5. A piece of cardboard
6. Your hands
7. A sunny day and a gentle breeze!
8. A glass of wine or a kitten to keep you occupied while you wait. Lol

For the makeup you'll need:

1. Liquid latex - some people use gelatin to make skin effects.
2. Body wax for special effects makeup. I used graftobians wax in this project.
3. Assorted face paints OR if you have access to a colour wheel for bruising with concealers, use some. However, black eyeliner will also work. Some people get away with liquid eyeliner or eyeshadow.
4. Cosmetic wedges for applying concealer.
5. Spirit gum and spirit gum remover to apply the horns
6. Toner or cleanser. Optional. But a clean skin surface is best. Obviously with cotton balls. To clean the area.
7. Theatrical blood gel- if you don't have this, please see my previous instructable on how to make simple blood gel with home items.
8. Theatrical blood paste
9. Translucent powder to set the makeup. Any brand will do.
10. Concealer to match your guests skin tone.

Step 2: Make the Horns

Grab 2 equal blobs of clay to mould the horns. Once you have your basic shape, carefully put them on the card board and grab whichever item you want to texture them with.

1. Remember to go slowly and in the same direction when scraping the horns. Clay is fragile and soft. Going in the same direction makes it look more realistic.

2. Start from the bottom and work it upwards with the strokes.

3. Once you're happy with the outcome, set them outside to dry.

Step 3: Paint the Horns

Once you've got the dried clay,

Grab your brush and paint and start painting them. For this I used a technique called dry brushing.

Dry brushing is when you wipe the brush on a paper towel or tissue till it's quite dry, then carefully dab the areas you want to paint.

1. Paint the Base ocolour of the horns normally before dry brushing them. The reason for this is to full the gashes and lines we created earlier, so when the lighter paint is applied, the indentations stay darker. Giving it a very good natural and realistic appearance.

2. Once the dark coat is dry, mix some white paint with a very tiny amount of black to give it an off white colour. Take the brush and wipe it on a paper towel or tissue till it's dry and streaky.

3. Carefully paint the entire horn. Being a bit more controlled to not get the white into the indentation marks from our tool. And leave them dark.

4. Blend some black in a dry brush effect near the bottom and top of the horn, leaving the Base light in the middle. You can add your own creative techniques to get your desired effects.

5. Let them dry.

Some people like to use a sealer so the paint stays nice and fresh. If you want to. You can spray some hair spray on the horns, or even use ladies nail varnish to seal the colour in.

6. Let them dry

Step 4: Get Your Guest Cool and Comfortable.

Make sure your guest stays cool as for this piece, the hotter the wax, the easier it comes off.

1. Make sure you clean the area to be applied to. Any dirt or oil will lessen the quality and outcome of the spirit gum when applying the horn. Skin naturally secretes oil, which is a deterrent to any type of glue. You may also want to ask them to wear clothing they don't mind staining.

2. Use the spirit gum to attach the horn wherever you want it on the face. Before we apply it, we will apply a generous amount of spirit gum to the area.

3. Tap the spirit gum with your fingers continously until your finger starts pulling streaks of gum. It nerds to be in the process of drying in order to adhere properly. For this I
also added some to the flat side of the horn.

4. Once the horn is applied, do the same for the second horn. Try get it as symmetrical as possible. Look at the alignment before you stick the second one on. We don't want skew horns.

We will then go to the next step.

Step 5:

Apply the wax and liquid latex

1. Roll 2 long pieces of wax between your fingers till it's workable. They should resemble snakes or worms. Your desired thickness is OK.

2. This is to make the Ridge for around the horns where it looks like it's pieced the skin.

3. Once you've circled the horns with the 2 pieces of wax, take your finger and smooth out the edges onto the skin to give a more natural appearance. And shape the wax to your desired effect.

4. Apply some liquid latex with your fingers. Work quickly but carefully as liquid latex dries fast in thin layers. I added some latex to further seal the wax as it was hot. We were experiencing a heat wave and the wax would have probably fallen off.

5. Once you've done both horns. Let the latex dry. It should turn a transparent like yellow when it's dry.

6. Once it's dry properly, apply some translucent powder to dull the shine and prep it for concealer or foundation.

Step 6: Add Colour to the Makeup

Once we've let the latex dry

1. We add concealer or foundation to match the skin tone. Cover the whole face and neck of the guest. We want it to blend evenly. Make sure to cover the ears as well.

2. I made the effect more realistic by poking a few holes along the seam of the horn and the wax. I then dipped the toothpick in black face paint and added it into the holes. This gives it a deeper appearance when adding the blood gel.

3. Blend the colours well enough to look real. If you're worried it looks rough around the edges dye to the latex, don't worry about it. We can cover it up as alot of makeup artists do.

4. Dab some red face paint or eye shadow around the horns area to give the skin a more irritated appearance. It is horns piercing through the skin after all!

5. I also drew tiny little veins with black eye shadow and a thin brush to give it a boosted effect. I then blended this with the wedge slightly so it doesn't look fake.

6. Apply some blood gel around the horns with a toothpick.

7. Put some look paste around the horns in small amounts and let it run. You can also Dab some around the general area to make it look better. And cover up any ugly miss haps you encountered.

You'll notice in my guests face, his eyes look darker. I took some red face paint to darken his eyes a little and make it look realistic. You can use any colour you like. Red and purple are good options. Be careful with blending this. A wedge can sometimes make streaks. If it does, Dab some concealer over it again and carefully blend it nicely.

And you're done.

Once you're done, dust the concealer and Base of the guests face with some translucent powder again. Voila. All done.

Hope you liked it.

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