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!Notice! I've made something similar that is a lot better so check it out here.

OK well we already have two very good knex uzis on the site but one is rather bulky and doesn't look very realistic. The other one looks a lot better but it only uses green rods which I dislike. I decided to make my own that combines the best of both worlds and made a pretty realistic looking uzi that uses darkgrey connectors for ammo.
I'll get a piece count eventually.

I'm starting my new campaign for seeing who the best knexers are by seeing who is willing to add this list so please do the same with your Instructables or feel the shame of not being honest...yup whether you think so or not you aren't going crazy it's your conscience that's bothering you so post this exact same thing (or slightly modified paragraph) so that it may spread.
Started by TheDunkis

-Auto load in the handle *Will be able to use the removable clip mechanism found in my Side arm instructable right here
-Uh honestly I can't list anything else without trying to brag and sound dishonest

-Not a good trigger
-Magazine isn't super reliable
-I can't quite remember how well it performed but I don't think the barrel was good friction wise.

Step 1: Barrel/mid Gun

This is the what pretty much holds the whole thing together.
Just look at the picture. If your still having problems figure it out then do the top part first and then on that add the white rods where you are supposed to then add the connectors and turn then to get them in the position shown and finally connect with green rods. The rest after that should be easy.

Step 2: Handle/Firing Mech

Should still be easy enough to follow with the pictures.
1. Handle-you might want to add that black nob up top later or just not at all if you dont want to.
2. Firing mechanism
3. Firing pin-you can use any type of firing pin you want but I recommend you use at least a black or tan rod and then you can add support on the back however you wish.
4. The Main body and the handle connected-should be simple enough to figure out just use two green rods and two whites.
5. Adding the firing mech to the uncompleted gun-this is why you might want to add the black nob afterward. It's a little dificult to get the black nob in there but it's harder leaving it in there and trying to put the firing mech in...anyways it just helps load the gun with less jamming and you don't really need it.

Step 3: Top Structure

Well this is mainly for looks as in the gun could do away with this whole thing and work fine but it would look pretty messed up...
1. Main part-also something not hard to figure out. Save the bottom piece for later. Also its hard to see but you don't really need that dark grey connector on the end. I never got rid of it from a previous experiment.
2. Connecting to gun- Simple enough.
3. Front of gun- Add red connectors on each side to connect the top part with the main gun and then connect the two of them with black nobs and white connector.
4. Back sight with top support-Remember that peice we saved? Add the red rod with two orange connectos and put it on the orange connector inbetween the two snowflakes.
5. Front top connection- Add part from last number to the white rod up here.
6. Back of gun- Connect the snowflakes onto the yellow connectors with green rods and slip the snowflakes onto the blue rod. They aren't supposed to connect but they should fit snuggly in here without moving.

Step 4: Finishing Up With Trigger and Loading.

Ok almost done. The trigger system is just a basic fake trigger stringed to block trigger. Yuck I know but it's the easiest and most reliable thing to do.
1. Trigger- You dont really need to have a light grey connector you could have it a dark grey or just the green rod or whatever you want. This was just an old string system I had for a while that I keep recycling with hand guns
2. Adding trigger- Easy enough?
3. Adding the string to the block trigger- As you can see you might want to just pull the string around the white rod on the handle to make sure it pulls the block trigger without much problem.
4. Auto locking the block trigger- Too simple...just add the band like that.
5. Auto load pusher thingy- You can the other part from the handle step like this. The bottom is just for looks to look more like an uzi when its not loaded.
I havn't tested it yet but you should be able to use the sticky note clip idea by hoboloard but you would have to make sure that after the first shot that the notes are coming out on each side of the orange connector above the ammo and coming out the sides below the yellow connector.



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I have an easy mag fed gun that holds 27 bullets in the removable mag, check it out by clicking on my name and then it will come up.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    man... i jus want an easy mag fed knex gun not one that will take 4 hours to build


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Dude, what's your problem? You come here insulting my weapon from years ago so I comment telling that I could make something better which I'm sure anyone could as this is trash and now you come at me?

    1 reply

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Your point? The mac was pretty much the upgraded uzi. I could probably make something even better if I wanted to though I really don't feel like it at the moment.


    9 years ago on Step 4

    dude horrible trigger design the first mili second i saw string i put in my most simplest true trigger design to this and its a charm *4 starz*


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 4

    Thank you. It's my second oldest gun. I don't even know why I have it posted anymore seeing how I get comments like this.


    10 years ago on Step 1

    this was so easy, hellen keller could do it. lol