Realistic Kne'x Hand Grenade





Introduction: Realistic Kne'x Hand Grenade

About: I'm 17 year old. I like to inventing new knex things (mostly weaponary :p)

well let me know of you like it or not..
i hope you do :D

Step 1: What You Need

this is what you need yeah it is realy belive me :-)

Step 2: The Nade (exploding Part)

shouldent be hard to follow :)

Step 3: The Pin and Realistic Part

the real deal :D

Step 4: The Thing Wich Fly's Away

yea ^^

Step 5: WELL DONE (and Tips)

well done and tips ? :p
thanks for watching this TUT



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    he put a pin and you've copied be4 so cut him some slack he turned your regular grenade cool

    You know how in real grenades you pull the pin to activate the explosives and throw it?  I wish it was like that in this grenade, instead of the pin being for show.