Realistic K'nex Mp5 With Working Magazine and Adjustable Stock .:unfinished:.




Introduction: Realistic K'nex Mp5 With Working Magazine and Adjustable Stock .:unfinished:.

After building and experimenting with many k'nex guns and different styles of triggers and firing mechanisms, i came up with this weapon. I wanted my gun to not only fire well, but also look great. So after downloading a couple of pictures of real mp5's onto my ipod i got to work on my project. The gun features a 25 round bottom loading mag (for white rods), an adjustable stock, a traditional pull back ram with an automatic locking true trigger, and a very comfy grip that was possible thanks to this guy.

Step 1: Parts List

This is the parts list that I came up with during the building of the gun. If any counting mistakes were made,feel free to let me know and the changes will be made.


Dark Grey-38
Light Grey-6

Blue Spacer-7
Gray Spacer-15
Y Clip-24
Tan Clip-10
Black Hinge Half-3
Blue Hinge Half-1
Ball Socket-3
Ball Joint-3
Head Top-1
Head Bottom-4
Mini Triangle Panel-2
Mini Square Panel-2

Step 2: Firing Mechanism

1.This is the firing mechanism that you see lined along the top of the gun.
2. First, build the barrel.
3.Then, build the ram
4.Then, build this
5.Add this to the front
6.And this to the back
7.Next,add the barrel
8.Then, slide in the ram( don't forget to add two orange connectors to it)
9.Lastly,add these two pieces to the back

Step 3: Grip

1.Make this. Its 14 yellow on a grey
2.Add red connectors to it
3.Then make this, it is also 14 of them on a grey
4.Then add the two together
5. Finally, make this
6.And then add to it like this
7.Different view of final product

Step 4: Mag

1.Make 2 of this
2.Make 2 of this
3.Different view of last step
4.Put these together
5.And then put the last piece on top



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    T^T i just made everything, i didn't get the UNFINISHED, and now i'm stuck with all these items, Please Finish it, I'm down to show my friends my k'nex MP-5 Replica!

    1 reply

    Actually, After this, I made my own, its done now, no tutorial needed, Thanks anyway for the tutorial,


    the gun looks so awesome please finish instructable, i`m dying to build it

    yes please finish can you please tell us the rest how long will it take your a legend

    PLZ POST! It is the 26 October 2010 and you still have not updated the darn gun instructions. My pieces have been waiting on my chelf for 1 and a half bloody years. Im going crazy just waiting for you to post the stupid instructions!

    While I was at work today I remembered that I had a copy of this gun built at a friends house, so after an insane skating session I showed up at his house and took the gun. Why the stupid story? Well, that means that now I can finish this Instructable!

    8 replies

    bro, it's now august 11 2009, a little over a year from when u said u could post it. i don't mean to sound rude or anything, but put up or shut up man!

    Hmmmm...well, my mod made it jam more, but it looks sooooo realistic, so I'm keeping it that way for now. When I made the straight mag, the white rods never left the they'd go halfway then stop lol..