Realistic Minecraft Grass Blocks!




Introduction: Realistic Minecraft Grass Blocks!

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This idea came to me randomly one night so I decided to try it out!

For the grass blocks you will need:

  • A small silicone block mold (I found mine super cheap on ebay)
  • Clear resin of your choice
  • Scales
  • A container you don't mind ruining
  • Preserved or fake moss
  • Soil

Step 1: Mix Your Resin

All resin is different when it comes to ratios for the hardener and even curing time so just follow the instructions on your box but for this first part you won't need more than 50g of resin, we're just going to use it to sink our moss.

Stir it constantly and slowly for a few minutes until you are sure the two agents have fully combined and work quickly to complete the next step.

Step 2: Making Grass

To give the grass the right kind of consistency I ended up using preserved moss. To give the right effect I filled my mold with a tiny bit of resin in the bottom before tearing up small bits of moss to go into the mold and flattening them with the end of a stick to keep them down.

Step 3: Making Dirt

For this mix up a slightly larger 100g batch of resin and make sure the hardener is mixed in thoroughly before adding in handfuls of dirt (the only soil I had on hand contained peat so ignore the white specs, I picked them out of the final product).

It worked better to use the end of a stick to even out the flow, as this is a smaller mold it's easy to overflow. Once you've done that just leave it to cure in a warm place for as long as your resin needs and then it's time to pop them out of the mold!

Step 4: Finished!

I'm pleased with the result so I think I'll keep going, maybe fish tank stones to make a stone block or layered up matchsticks to make a wood block? Feel free to experiment! They came out looking really interesting and they work well as a little building block desk toy so please let me know if you make these or something similar, I'd love to see your Minecraft creations!



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    20 Discussions

    I'm not sure which I enjoy more - your excellent instructable or your excellent screen personality. Both clever and charming. More please... and thanks.

    1 reply

    This is a great idea. I must try it sometime. Thank you for your imagination.

    1 reply

    If you could somehow make them out of Jello... then you'd have something useful.

    1 reply

    HI. What are these? what are they used for? apologies, i am 65. and what in the world is "minecraft"? thank you.

    4 replies

    Minecraft is a great way to visualize things in 3 dimensions. It's basically playing with blocks, but in creative mode, I have built some wonderful palaces, underground cities, etc. Very stimulating for the imagination. Well worth 30 bucks.

    Thank you so much!


    1 year ago

    hey, you could also paint the out side and then add an other layer of resin.

    you could use coloured resin for some of the gem rocks. or put an LED in one for glowstone :D

    the possibilites are endless :)

    3 replies

    Very cool! The best part is experimenting xD

    ooo, you've really got me thinking now...My brother loves minecraft, I might have to make him his own mini minecraft garden for a combined birthday/christmas present

    Definitely share a picture if you do! I'd love to see it!

    beautiful. I love it. you could make all of the Minecraft blocks this way and make a "realistic" diorama. you could even put magnets in them so they lock together somehow.

    1 reply