Realize the Potential of a Large Glass Jar

Jars do preserves... jars do preserve your bedside snacks. Just another one of those simple ideas that make life happier.

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Step 1:

Acquire a ridiculously oversized glass jar for which you can think of no good purpose (beware: plenty good purposes do exist).

Step 2:

Add your favorite soft-packaged food stuffs. Qualifying items include anything you don't want your roommates to have easy access to, anything you know you'll crave during a productive locked-down study session, or anything you want access to when you are feeling exceptionally lazy. It is not necessary for items to be properly sealed.

Step 3:

Close jar and position according to desired level of access until the next snacking session. Rest assured that items will stay fresh and unbothered by critters.

Step 4:

Decorate to taste. I happen to like the old-timey jar feel, but we wouldn't want it to be out of place.

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