Really Simple Touch Switch


today i'm gonna show you how to make a really simple touch switch

Step 1: Watch the Video

The video is in my youtube channel Christopher Tjia (i chage my channel name). Link:

Step 2: The Schematic

Step 3: Buy All of the Components

The components for this project are:

2pc BC547 transistors

1pc 10k ohm resistor

1pc 1k ohm resistor

1pc 740 ohm resistor

1pc 9V battery clip

1pc 9V battery

Step 4: Connect the Two Transistors

first, connect the base pin of the first BC547 to the emitter pin of the second BC547

Step 5: Connect the Led

Then, connect thenegative pin of the led to the collector pin of the first BC547 transistor

Step 6: Connect the Resistors

connect the 1k ohm resistor to the second BC547 transistor and the 470 ohm to the positive pin of the led.

Step 7: Connect the Resistor Again

solder the 1k ohm resistor to the 470 ohm resistor and connect the 10k ohm resistor to the basee pin ot the second BC547 transistors.

Step 8: The Final Connection

finnaly connect the positive wire of the 9V battery to the1k ohm resistor and the 470 ohm resistor. then the negative wire of the 9V battery clip is connected to theemitter pin of the first BC547.

Step 9: Testing

if you connect every thing correctly then if you tuoch te 10k ohm resistor and the positive wire of the 9V battery clip, the led will turn on.



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    2 years ago

    The schematic doesn't show the LED! Neither does the parts list!