Rear Cage for Bottles for Road Bike




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i`m trying  to increase the overall workout time  on my road bike

currently i`m riding between 2-2.5 hours per ride  and i plan to extend it to a 3 hour +

so i decided to build a rear cage , i wanted it to be Carbon fiber , but i don`t have the material yet ( ordered it from eBay )

so the compromise for me is to build it from lightweight aluminum . is strong, durable and light.

Work process:

cut from some aluminum angle that i had two 8cm pieces , drilled it with holes to be mounted to the rear part of the saddle.

then  i will attach the aluminum angle that will hold the bottle cages.

btw , the bottle cages are Carbon fiber , just to clarify.

my main goal is to make everything carbon :)


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