Rear View Phone Mount.

Introduction: Rear View Phone Mount.

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This project I believe will be helpful and add a little bit of extra safety to vehicle operation. I plan on printing a phone mount for my Galaxy s3 phone.

Ya I know hundreds of them out there. Nothing new, however this mount is different it will add function to the phone and give you a better place to mount that is out of the way and does not take up real estate on your dash board or your console. 

I plan on mounting my phone on my rear view mirror. I will print a phone holder that my phone will snap into. Then I will show how the phone's reverse camera the one used to take personal portraits of yourself as the rear view mirror. 

Why do you ask? simple the current mirror shows a very limited view of what is behind you in the car and what or whom is following you, also the reflection can be washed out due to headlights. While my rear view like most cars and trucks have an auto dim feature. They don't give you night vision in reverse. The camera can, and it can give a much larger field of view. 

It will also give you a better position for the GPS to receive signals and help avoid some of the dead spots. Add that to the functionality of the Bluetooth and you will find that this is where you should place your phone. 

I will also add the inductive charging to the part that way I can power it right from the mirrors power supply and avoid any wiring needed to power the phone for charging etc. NO need to keep plugging and unplugging the phone. the inductive charging pad will keep the phone charging at all times. 

Step 1: In the Rear With the Gear..

In this photo you can see the issue the field of view is limited with a standard mirror. You cant see the blind spots while driving unless you make an effort to move you head. This can lead to loss of control while driving. We all have had that issue trying to see our  
blind spot and not keeping our eyes on the road. 

Step 2: Junk in Da Trunk...

Don't mind the trash my daughter has been driving the truck, but now you can see the benefit of the camera as the rear view. you can see much more. A large field of view. This will add more safety and help to eliminate some of the blind spots you have in most cars and trucks.

Step 3: All I Need Now Is a 3d Printer

So in closing all I need now is a 3d printer to build this unit. 

Thanks for viewing.

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