Rear Window Demister Fix / Desembacador Traseiro Quebrado




Ever woke up to a frosty morning and the rear window demister doesn't work? Follow these easy steps and get is sorted for less than £20! See the picture of the faulty track.

Se seu desembacador traseiro nao funciona, siga essas instrucoes e conserte por menos de R$50! Veja a foto da trilha quebrada.

Step 1: Get the Materials and Go for It! / Prepare O Material E Mande Ver!

All you need is Silver Conductive Paint (with a toothpick applicator) from RS, post it plastic notes, a plastic scourer and some toilet paper to clean the materials during the process.

 Tudo que se precisa e' um kit de tinta condutora de prata da RS (aplicador de palito), marcadors post it de plastico, uma bucha plastica e papel toalha para limpar o material durante o processo.

Step 2: Fixing It / Fazendo O Conserto

 Mask the area to be worked with post it notes on both sides. Use the colour bits to mark the begin and the end of the affected stretch. put paint in the toothpick (close the tub) and spread the paint in the affected area. Clean the toothpick and the tub and remove the post it carefully before the pain sets too much.

 Isole a area de interesse com post its dos dois lados. Use a cor pra marcar o comeco e o fim do trecho a ser consertado. Pinte com o palito (feche a tinta). Limpe o palito com o papel toalha.




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    7 years ago on Introduction

    haha, that's clever. Mine is broken, but I'm not sure if it's a broken line or not. If it is, I know what I'll be doing. Thanks. :-)