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Just a quick and cheap manly man project its made from scraps from my last project the rebar log bar stools (also here in instructables)

I'm not going to enter in to much details in this project because if you have a lathe to build this this project its to easy even to a newbie so if you are a experienced machinist this will be not problem.

If you not have a metal lathe you can build this with a angle grinder and a drill pres with some crazy jig mathias wandel style

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Solo un proyecto rapido para un fin de semana hecho d elos sobrantes de mi proyecto de los bancos de bar con troncos y varilla de la semana pasada (Tambien aqui en instructables)

No voy a entrar mucho en detalle en este proyecto ya que aun si eres un novato aprendiendo a usar el torno es muy semcillo y mas si eres un tornero experto

De todos modos si no tienes un torno seguro lo puedes hacer con una esmeriladora y un taladro de banco con un escantillos loco estilo mathias wandel

Step 1: The Tapper Angle / Angulo Del Cono

The cone angle its a about 10 deg to continue with the same angle that come in the BIC disposable pens

El angulo que estoy utilizando tiene aproximadamente 10 grados para que continue con el mismo angulo que trae las plumas desechables de bic

Step 2: The Feed / El Avanze

The fed should not have to be big because the rebar its not made with quality in mind so the hardness its not consistent so in some point you can crash with a hard spot so make it slow with a 10 thousand passes

El avanze no debe de se muy fuerte ya que la varilla no esta hecha con calidad en mente en algunos puntos esta suave y en otros duro , avanza lento para evitar romper tu herramienta y usa alimentacion de 10 milesimas

Step 3: Drilling / Taladrando

Use a center drill to start the hole and the use a 5/32 bit to drill 2 inches deep I wish to hace a long dill bit but they are epensive

Usa una broca de centro para iniciar el agujero piloto y teminalo con una broca de 5/32 con 2 pulgadas de profundidad desari tener una broca larga pero son muy caras

Step 4: Ink Cartidage / Repuesto De Pluma

It's a quick fun project hope you like its using a disposable pen ink cartidage

Espero les haya gustado este proyecto ya solo queda inshtalarle el repuesto de una pluma BIC



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    Reply 2 years ago

    Yes ,all the people that i have showed say one punch with this hurts for sure


    2 years ago

    I would be very tempted to either make (from drill rod) or buy a small boring bar, and starting about 1/2" back from the hole mouth, bore out the ID.

    That should preserve the look, and function of the pen while allowing your hand to actually hold and write for more than 2 min at a time. Even if the drilled hole went to 95% depth, it still has to weight a pretty good amount, and at that scale, every tiny bit of material removed is going to make a large difference.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    The rebar its heave but not so dense as a 4140 or other treated steel , and i dont know it feels nice to have a heavy pen, of course its not intended to write your memories or your own auto autobiography its just to make quick notes and to witre the list of mising suplies, also as rebar have those groves nor roll from the desk, Thanks for watching


    2 years ago

    That's cool enough to "almost" make me go out and buy a lathe! Nice concept!

    2 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    If you can very carefully drill the center hole with a drill press...

    The rest of the shaping could be done on a bench grinder.

    A lathe just makes it a lot simpler, and quicker to set up and execute.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks, having a lathe it's always a good idea even a cheap Chinese one