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Introduction: Rebel Alliance Lip Art!

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Easy and fun lip art! I feel like I should do more of these. What do you think? ALSO, please feel free to give me ideas on other body paints or any other art ideas! I'm up for anything. =P Please if you get a chance subscribe to my youtube page! help support my art. =) Thank you!

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Step 1: Base

For the base I took this NYX liquid lipstick in the color alien. It's a dark gray almost black color.

Step 2: Base of the Design

I took a liquid lip liner from NYX it's in a red color and I used that to make the main design of this look and filled it in.

Step 3: Outline

So I took this orange liquid lip liner from NYX and outlined the whole look.

Step 4: Black Body Paint

I used this black body paint to outline and just kinda clean up the whole look.

Step 5: Highlight

I took this yellow liquid lip liner from nyx and just added some highlights.

Step 6: Touch of Silver

I used the silver from nyx liquid lip liner and added it to the corner of my lips. and that's it. easy and fun~

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    2 years ago

    I love it