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Step 1: Get the Stuff

step one get your clay first you will need blue white yellow and green clay.

Step 2: Make Your Gravy Yard

Make some bones out of white. Make a coffin out of white .make a square that says r.i.p. on it putt the bones around the coffin

Step 3: Zombie

Dig a little hole in the middle use green too make a zombie hand and then putt the zombie hand In the hole then make a blue ramp going strate up 2 in. make an axe and a spear put it on the blue ramp

Step 4: Man

Make the guy how ever you want

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    I'm zsammons friend he told me to tell you that it's because that's how he made his guy


    6 years ago

    Why is Les Stroud (Survivorman) on there?