Rebuild Expensive Aftermarket Foam Tips for Earbuds and IEM's for Pennies a Pair.


Well this is just another different way to do the same thing. I've seen a ton of other youtube videos that do the same-ish sort of thing, but these are usually with earbuds/iem's with HUGE ports for sound.

My little hack reuses the soft inner core of the original Comply tip which makes the rebuilt unit as easy to take off/on your driver, or in/out of your ear for OEM-like performance and use.

I did this with Comply p-series, p-100 tips because that's the earbud size that I started with.

Comply tips are the most comfortable tips that are easy to use and block out enough sound to enjoy my music.

I started with Comply NR-1 earbuds that used the p-100 tips, and graduated to these earbuds which are called plugfones which also fit the original p-100 tips.

Even if I had brand new comply tips, I would probably still do this modification right away, because although comply memory foam is comfortable, Comply, as a company is probably light years BEHIND any OSHA NRR earplug manufacturer like 3M, Hearos, or any other hearing protection company that has been producing earplugs with highly refined formulations that maximize comfort and noise attenuation.

These earbuds are called Plugfones, and the earplug/tip that these are desinged for feel TERRIBLE.

I'm using 3M EARSOFT earplugs. They have a NRR of 33 and are extremely comfortable. Once completed, I can wear these for days with zero ear fatigue. Better than comply tips, and much better than any silicone tip.

Find a comfortable pair of earplugs and use them as your base component to create a comfortable form fitting pair of Comply Tips

Cost to rebuild is 10c/pair.

I remove the cores from the comply tips once the foam has degraded and leave the foam residue on, since they help to keep the new foam on without using adhesives. I use a 3mm hole punch that is cheap and easily available. If you pick the right sized punch, you can have the foam fit snug on the core without

I have 2 pairs in rotation for good hygiene where I wear one pair and the other pair is being wash, rinsed and dried for next use.

The noise isolation isn't as good as suguru or silicone DIY iems, but the comfort is much better, and it looks 100% stock and stealth.

I rotate my tips as often as once a day and I usually use a pair in rotation for about a month



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