Receipt Holder

Introduction: Receipt Holder

Is your wallet, purse, or kitchen drawer crammed with receipts? See how you can alter a used library/ charity book and some envelopes to create a handy Receipt Holder! All neat & tidy and all ready to grab for your end of year tax form filling too!

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Step 1: Step 1

Take your used library or charity book. Leaving the front and back covers, start to fold each inner page in half (outside edge towards the inner edge or spine).

Crease the fold for a nice crisp professional edge!

Continue folding until your book has a nice curved shape (see photo).

Step 2: Step 2

Find 12 clean envelopes (or recycled ones, if you wish). They can be white or coloured.

Label each one, near the top, with a month of the year - from January to December.

You can label them all on the left side, or right side, in the middle, or spread out. Your choice!

I wrote 3 sets of months at different points: at 2cm, 6cm, 14cm, and 18cm from the left; and about 1.5/2cm from the top of the photo (See photo).

Step 3: Step 3

Place your receipts from daily purchases at the front, under the folded pages, (including any older ones you forgot about!) ready to sort into the envelope(s).

Pop your labelled envelope, for the current month, eg July, into the folds of the book. (See example in photo).

Place remaining labelled envelopes at the back, under the folded pages, as in the photo.

Then, you are ready to go! Go sort!

Step 4: Tips

Try to sort receipts regularly - daily (or weekly) to keep on top of things!

Don’t forget older receipts - you now have a system - so it should be easier to keep on top of current receipts but also have somewhere to store older ones for sorting! Your disorder should now become order!

You can pop one or more envelopes into the folds of your book, if you need to.

Use the monthly envelopes to check receipts against your monthly bank statements.

Shred any receipts you don’t need.

BUT remember to keep any receipts you need for -
*your business
*the tax man/ end of year finances
*insurance purposes (eg large pieces of furniture, jewellery, etc as proof of purchase).

Sort and Archive regularly.

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