Receiver Box PA 2200 RV

Introduction: Receiver Box PA 2200 RV

Designing a custom Receiver Box for my 1:8 scale RC car

Link to Shapeways

When you start to design your own components Use this code at Shapeways and get 15% off on your first print:



Goals are:

- Lighter (Original 25.6 gram)
- Cheap (at least not more that original € 13,90)
- Easier Cable Routing
- Adding Programming Cable
- Adding ON/OFF Switch
- Fit Spektrum SR3520 Receiver


- 9.2 gram
- € 11,11
- Cable routing is easy in 3 layer box
- Easy access on ESC programming cable
- Switch added but flimsy support
- Receiver fits like intended

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Step 1:

Know where your starting from

Step 2:

Avoid mistakes by integrating the environment

Step 3:

Make crazy designs because you can in 3D printing

Step 4:

Check if all components fit and get all possible functions integrated

Step 5:

Double check if all the functions work in the 3D environment

Step 6:

Challenge to make components better than original
In this case: Lighter, Cheaper and better Cable management

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