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So these are just some assorted projects i have been working on and just havent posted.
  The first 2 pictures are of a Squad Automatic Weapon i worked on for a bit but haven't been motivated to work on it lately so i dismantled it it was gonna be belt fed and be pretty basic.
 Pictures3-17 is a m4a1,g3 sl8 sort of rifle that had an sl8 stock but i forgot whos i used cause it isnt mine but the extending part is. and i made an m203 it wasn't to fancy just a big rbg.
pictures18-23 is a rifle i made before the other and it shot good had a sturdy bolt and could hold a lot of bands.
and the last ones are a scar-l model i made yes i know its really bad but i was more just playing around with recons folding stock but anywho if you have any questions about any of the guns leave a comment and ill answer it best i can!



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