Recessed Entertainment Wall

Introduction: Recessed Entertainment Wall

I built a second wall on the other side of the den. In the guest bedroom. I placed it right against existing wall, after tearing it down to studs. This gave me a deeper recess. It is only 90% done, I need to hide the cords to the tv and build my doors for bottom cabinets, and a drop down door for the cd shelf under tv.

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Step 1: The Build

The door to the guest room opened into the den. I moved it and framed up the space. The studs on the second wall were built to match original, stud to stud. I made the opening of the tv to fit a 63 in tv, even tho mine isn't that large. Under tv is a cd/remote etc shelf. Then shelves to hold game consoles, internet modems, cable boxes, etc. Before I drywalled the sides, I had to do two things. First I had to drill two holes thru from the attic. One to come down along the sides to where I will have lights in the nooks on sides of tv spot and to continue down to a plug for large shelves and another run down to the tv spot, for electric box at the top and for cords to run down to tv.  I needed the plywood inside the area a little so that there would be room to put 1/4 in drywall over plywood on guest bedroom side to make it flush with wall. So I notched the frame around the tv recess 1/4 inch in and 1 1/2 in out so I could put 3/4 in plywood inside the notched area and attach. (The plywood will need to hold the tv mount) I made insets in the plywood and put the bolts for the mount in, so that the drywall would be flush against it. Next I put drywall on the insides. I framed the boxes for my nooks on the side of the tv spot. I wanted them arched so I used 1 in thick cardboard rolls (the kind tubing comes wrapped around), I cut it to size and cut in half. I drywalled inside, mud and taped everything.

Step 2: Almost Finished

I love my arched nooks sooo much. Was very hard to mud them tho. If I could do it over I would have made them a little wider. lol. I painted the back of the TV spot a glossy black. It makes the tv look like it fills up the space. I painted the inside of the large cubby shelves the same black and to put a multi plug in into the bottom of the center shelf cubby. Next I drilled holes from the center shelf cubby to the other two shelves cubbies to run wires from one to another. Then I put false floors in, to hide plug ins and cords.

Step 3:

Not finished but close... I love it.

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    4 years ago

    you need to hide the wire

    and It's better to make holes all square , To become consistent

    check this