Rechargeable Battery Pack for Arduino




Hello, all !!

You have worked a lot on a new prototype with Arduino and finally after finished it you want to show to your friends the fantastic and revolutionary idea (or not) of the product you have created !

And about power source and portability ?

The place you are going has an easy plug to charge on the device ?

In this case when you need portability you must think about on a battery pack.

A simple solution that I will show you is to use Portable Charger (Rechargeable Battery Pack) to supply your device via USB.

It is not so expensive and it is very reliable even for definitive projects with some adaptations and also is more environmental friendly than disposable bateries.

And better, you have many options and different players in the market, rechargeable batteries with different energy/current capacities and you also can use them to recharge your cell phone (that is the main function they are sold) !

One final convenience and advantage is the fact they are already done with conventional USB ports what is a standard on several Arduino boards.


Step 1: Material

Material List:

-01 x Rechargeable Battery Pack (Li-Ion Battery / Input: 5V - 0.5 to 1.0A/ Output 5V - 1500mA to up)

- 01 x USB cable for Arduino UNO (USB Type A to Type B) - See picture of USB plugs

- 01 x USB cable for Arduino Nano (USB Type A to Type Mini-A) - See picture of USB plugs

- Or USB cable according with your Battery Pack connector and Arduino

Finally, you just need to connect the USB cable between Arduino and Battery Pack and it is done !

Step 2: Conclusion

I do not see many people using this solution and this is the reason to publish this Instructable but in fact I think it is very simple and useful.

You can use a battery pack as mine with 1600 mA for many hours until you need to recharge it and off course the timing for that depends on how much mA your device is consuming.

I hope you enjoy this tip.

Best regards,





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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    I have seen your project.
    Can you explain how to do these.


    3 years ago

    I see your PCB for LCD, do you have more details?

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Hello, martinhui,

    Thank you for your visit and for your question and also for your interest.

    This PCB was a second step of my project Digital Clock you can also see here on Instructable:

    It was done on a standard PCB (standard) with components and wires soldered.

    In advance I inform you I am working on a new series of Instructables where one of them I will introduce this board updated with more features !

    That will be really cool and useful !!

    I will inform you as soon as it publish.

    Best regards,