Rechargeable Breadboard




How to make a cordless breadboard with built in battery

Here is how the final board looks like ... files can find on

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Step 1:

What do we need ? breadboard lithium battery from old cell phone, lithium charger module , 3.7 v to 5v step up converter

Step 2:

Change the SMD led with 3mm led and use it as power on led

Step 3:

Soldering the two breadboard sides together with the rest of the circuit and do some testing

Step 4:


Step 5:

Filled the holes with hot glue so the charger light can shine through it and it does

Step 6:

And for more stability we add this

Step 7:

I used the 123D design program from the Autodesk to design this project.

Step 8:

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    2 years ago

    Actually a very good idea, the power supply is usually an afterthought, if thought about at all, your approach compartmentalizes the power system, keeping it handy and unobtrusive. ☺


    Nice! A breadboard with a built-in power supply would make things a lot easier to prototype.