Rechargeable Flashlight Vest in Best

About: this is amezing app

This is easy vest in best flash light,

it is very use full,

it is also rechargeable.

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Step 1: Components

we have this components,

one cd,

16 LEDs,

one PCB,

Big pipe,

one wooden circle,

two ni-cd battery.

Step 2: Soldering LEDs

In PCB soldering all LEDs in parallel,

and out site two terminal.

Step 3: For Extra Focus

for extra focus,

we use vest cd,

cut the cd as well as line in photo,

and fix in PCB with glue gun.

Step 4: Connection As Diagram

connection as diagram all Components.

Step 5: Final Touch

fix all part with glue gun,

and ready Vest in Best Rechargeable Flashlight.

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    2 years ago

    That's pretty bright for a small flash light :)