Rechargeable LED Emergency Light


Introduction: Rechargeable LED Emergency Light

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It is simple rechargeable LED emergency light Let's make it

You can watch making video here

Step 1: You Need to Make

4v rechargeable battery

4v SMD LED 6 X2 = 12 piece

nokia charger socket

led & 220 ohm resistor for charging indicator

1N4007 diode



plastic box

glue stick

& any thin pin charger for charging

Step 2: Connections & Making

here I use a normal led for charging indicator so I use a diode & 220 ohm resistor for it

connect all components as per the circuit diagram

fit all in a plastic box.I use 12 4V SMD LED

you can watch making video & please subscribe my youtube channel also



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    4 Discussions

    this led strip needs 4v. you can use 6 v battery but you have to use resistor

    Mate I'm asking you what you used . What battery , where did you get it , cost etc is 4 v lead - acid battery. available in different ampere.