Rechargeable Light

Introduction: Rechargeable Light

we can make recharge light at home it self like this

Step 1: Thinks We Need for Rechargeable Light As Follows

Thinks we need are as follows. 1) plastic box. 2) wire. 3) 4 led lights. 4) battery. 5) switches (which is self made by me). 6) charging port. 7) m seal.

Step 2: Fix Led to Plastic Box

just fix led to box like this and fix wire to this

Step 3: Add Charging Port to Box

fix charging port to box by the help of m seal

Step 4: Add on Off Switches to the Box

we should fix switches by help of m seal. u can see switches which is self made but u can add u had

Step 5: Fix Battery

fix battery to box

Step 6: Connection of Light

connections as followed. 1) connect charging port wire to battery. 2)connect led plus wire to battery plus. 3)connect led - wire to switches of one end and another of switches to battery - wire

Step 7: Now Use the Light

now enjoy the light.



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