Rechargeable Motion Detecting Cat or Animals Repeller




Introduction: Rechargeable Motion Detecting Cat or Animals Repeller

The cats on the boat are having orgies. I decided to get back at them and built this seriously annoying buzzer that reacts to motion. I hope they go deaf if they get in the boat again:-P

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Step 1: What Will You Need

1. Plastic electrical wires box

2. Breadboard, connection wires, double sided adhesive tape and hot glue or silicone will do

3. A drill and 3 drill bits diameter 10 (for the buzzer and PIR sensor ), 6 for the switch and a 2 to make input space for the mini usb port

4. Solder iron and tin

5. PIR sensor

6. 3.7 V lithium ion battery

7. 5V mini usb 1A lithium battery charging board charger module

8. 5V active buzzer

9. On-On/or Off miniature toggle switch

Step 2: The Layout

After deciding on how to lay the hardware, I drilled the holes.

All modules including the buzzer can work from voltage starting at 3V so the 3.7 V battery had to do because of its small size.

First I started by attaching the battery to the adhesive size of the breadboard, then used the double sided adhesive to fixate both to the plastic box and finally connected the positive and ground from the battery to the pin slots of the breadboard.

Next I soldered the wires to the battery charger module, fixated the module on the breadboard with the adhesive tape and connected them to the same row of the battery input wires accordingly.

I fixated the pir sensor with hot glue after positioning it in its hole. The buzzer hole required some mild enlargement which I did with the drill bit in order for the buzzer to tightly fit in. The toggle switch was also fixated with and outer nut that comes with the switch.

Finally I connected the wires as per the diagram on the photo.

There is no need for codes. The PIR sensor works without codes, just wait for it to initialize

Step 3: Recharging the Battery

As you can see on the photo, the usb battery charger mini usb slot allows you to connect it to any device that outputs 5V through usb (mobile charger, pc, etc.). Considering that the device can be switched on or off by the toggle switch, the device can be activated whenever you want and the power consumption will be minimal (based on motion detection).

Step 4: Final Result

an easy to make motion detection cat repellant. I dubbed it FOC (F..k Off Cats). I haven't tried it yet but the sound it makes is extremely annoying and cats to my knowledge are even more sensitive than humans when it comes to sounds. Hope it helps you! ))

Step 5:

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    3 years ago

    I hope it helps get rid of the cats :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    I hope so too))