Rechargeable Wallet LED Torch(with Usb)




Introduction: Rechargeable Wallet LED Torch(with Usb)

This is my first instructable

This instructable will show you how to place a torch in a wallet and charge it with a usb port (very handy indeed
NOTE: i am not responsible if u burn your battery please use correct values or resistors and diodes! do it on your own risk!


things you need
-a wallet
-a diode mine was 1n4001
-a resistor( mine was 1k i guess)
-blue/red LED
- switch
-some wires (thin)
-a usb chord having a very thin wire
-a small rechargable lithim ion battery , you will find these in mini helicopters,blue tooth headsets


take the wallet and cut the pouch containing credit cards! wire the led attach a resistor (dont know the exact value). attach the led to the lithium battery.. now take the usb chord and attach a diode

NOTE:place the white end of the diode in the direction of the battery

attach the usb chord with correct polarity with the battery

Step 3: Attach a Switch

After making the connections attach a switch which you can operate without opening your wallet
you are done

5 minuites charge will last for a long time

10 mins use per day will last up to 4 -5 days(estimated)

Step 4:

Step 5:

my next instructable

attach a cell phone charger in your wallet using anyvolt micro!

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    6 Discussions

    you can create one as its really easy you just need to hack your wallet and follw the schematic

    it dosnt say actually how to build it, could you please add some steps, cos i would really want to build one