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Introduction: Recipe Pattern and Story Book Stand

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For years, I have been needing a book stand for recipe book/sheet when I cook, a stand for pattern book/sheet when I crochet/knit, my child has been needing a story book stand when she reads. Thanks Instructables for putting a deadline for this project.

So if you need a recipe/pattern/story book stand like me, gather your Materials from your J Collection (J is for junk.) in your basement. How do I know you have been curating a J Collection in your basement? Go figure.

1  Large USPS priority mail box
1  Roll duct tape
1  At least 6 inch long of 1/2 inch dowel
3  Sticky back velcro dots
2  11 inch long of 3/16 inch dowels As long as the stand's height)
2  Wood pegs (approx. 1 1/4 inch tall and 3/16 inch wide, looks like a nail) (shown in last picture above)       
2  6 inch by 10 inch metal sheets (optional)
1  Round magnet of approx. 5/8 inch diameter (optional) (shown in last picture above)
1  Approx. 8 1/2 inch long stick magnetic strip of 1/2 inch wide (optional) (shown in last picture above)

Follow the following steps. In less than 1 hour, you'll have the book stand you have been needing for years. If I can do it, anybody can do it. Nothing is hard or takes long once it's started. 

Step 1: Cut the Cardboard for the Book

Open the box to a flat sheet of cardboard.
Open the book and lay in the center of the cardboard with the bottom end of the book aligned with the crease of the cardboard.
Draw cuttiing lines around 3 ends of the book (two open ends and the top end).
Cut on the lines.
On the bottom end, trim along the creases on sides to the center portion of the cardboard, keep the center portion.

Step 2: Cut the Standing Cardboard Strip

It should be the same wide as or wider than center portion of the cardboard, the wider, the more stable support, 2 inches longer on top end and 9 inches longer on bottom end than the center portion of the cardboard.

Step 3: Cover the Back of the Cardboard and Standing Strip With Duct Tape

Leave an extra 3 inch at the end of the center portion to fold over to make a sleeve for dowel.

Step 4: Attach Metal Sheets

Attach the 2 metal sheets as shown (I found only 1 sheet left from a previous project , so you see only one)

Step 5: Make Dowel Sleeve

Fold over the extra tape and make a snug fit sleeve for the dowel which acts as the stop for the book. Tape it secure.

Step 6: Attach the Standing Strip at the Top End, Secure It With More Tape

Step 7: Binding

Don't know if there is this word in duct tape and cardboard business. I borrowed the word "binding" from blanket making.
Tape around the stand.
Fold the 4 corners.
Slash the 4 corners at the top and bottom of the center portion.
Now fold the tape down all around.
Tape any area that's bare. 

Step 8: A Problem Solver

Got a problem, are you a problem solver?
Because I used a cardboard box that had been used. The standing portion bent and wouldn't stand. That's the worst scenario for a stand, right! No worry, though. I'm a problem solver. Tape two 3/16 inch dowels to the back of standing support strip. Problem solved. 

Step 9: Attach Velcro

Attach Velcro dots with sticky back to the underside of the tab with dowel and top of the standing support strip, so they secure the stand and it won't collapse when book rests on it.

Step 10: A Problem to Solve Again

Drill two holes 1 inch from the either end of the dowel, insert the wood pegs in the holes. The wood pegs keep the pages stay where you are reading.

Step 11: Demystify the Metal Sheet and Magnets

Cut 8 1/2 inch long of 1/2 inch stick manget.
Peel off it's paper backing.
Stick it to paper or fabric (I used fabric).
Trim the extra paper (fabric).

The round magnet is used to keep one sheet of paper to the stand. The magnet strip can be moved down one line at a time. This is very helpful for people who crochet and knit with a pattern chart.

Step 12: Important Stuff

This is to enter the Duct Tape and Cardboard Contest hoping to win some prizes. If you sew, a stand made in fabric would be nicer. With a prototype in cardboard and duck tape, sewing a stand will be a spring breeze.
If this Instructable is helpful to you, please vote for it. If any questions, let's talk.   

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