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Introduction: Reclaim Wood Adjustable Book Stands

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Looking into my garage, I found some wood. Looks like they were dismantled from an cupboard or display rack. Since they have similar sizes, I only need to cut the length at my desire. Now I can line up some books on my desk .. upss .. sorry, it is full, maybe on the floor :P

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

  • 4 longer pieces of wood.
  • 2 shorter pieces of wood as long as four times the width.
  • A drill.
  • 4 pairs of bolt and nut.
  • A small pilot drill bit.
  • A drill bit slightly smaller in diameter than the bolt we use.
  • Wood glue.
  • Varnish (optional).
  • 4 pieces of screws (optional).

Step 2: Marking

Marks with a pen or pencil for the drilling position. We are going to join the wood with a bolt and nut. Actually round wooden joints are good, but I don't have the tools to get them. We are joining a short wood with two long woods forming an "F".

Step 3: The Drills

Drill with a small drill bit as pilot hole. Then use a larger one to get the desired diameter (slightly smaller than the bolt). Drill in about half the bolt's length.

Step 4: Hammer the Bolt and Nut In

Put the bolt and nut in the joint. Use a small hammer and old unused bolt to get them in deeper. When you want to hammer the bolt, make sure you put the nut flat to the starting thread so that you do not break its threads.

Step 5: "F" Shape

Join them to form an "F" shape with two long woods in horizontal and a short wood in vertical. Glue them to make a better bonding. Build another identical "F". Rotate it 180 degrees and put the horizontal woods in between the first "F".

Step 6: The Verticals

I cut two pieces of thick plywood as the vertical stand, where the books recline. I cut off some so that part of the board fit in between the long woods. Then I screwed it to the short wood. You can simply use the wood glue on this step. My glue is not that strong so I used two screws and I needed to screw them slowly for it has a very small gaps in between.

Step 7: Finishing

Varnish the wood to get a glossy look. I also add action figures at both ends, The Transformers ^^

You can glue it or you can simply put it there so that you can change it later with the other figures or objects. When you get more books, simply pull one side out for more spaces ^^

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    The fact you used Bee and Prime makes it even more awesome!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Yes. Seeing them laying around brought me this idea. They are cheap robots and the joints are loosen in two months of playing. So I just put them there guarding my books :D