Reclaimed Carper Coaster

Introduction: Reclaimed Carper Coaster

Waterproof and synthetic, these coaster as handy and ready to take on the job. They are made from recycled scraps of carpet flooring, and have a rubberized backing, perfect for grippyness and waterproof qualities. The carpet side can slide around on a wood surface, or you can put the rubber side downwards to ensure stability. Regardless of how you use this, they are versatile coasters.

Step 1: Scraps

Collect your scraps. This material only requires a sharp box cutter to cut, and you can add your own design. Ideally, you can use one large piece, but if you find yourself having to glue pieces together, that works as well.

Step 2: Cut and Shape

Cut to your desired shape. whether spiral, square, circular, or any other design, this step is up to you. Think about utility, possible drips and structure.

One thought is to spiral on piece, and make one coasters from the continuous cut-out section 2 in 1!

Step 3: Drink Away

Drink away and enjoy your coasters that you made from scraps of carpet otherwise landfill. If needed, they can be hosed down or throw in the wash with no worries of rotting. Enjoy!

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