Reclaimed Cedar Shingle Bird Feeder

this is a project i made at the request of my grand mother as a gift to my grand father the wood for this project was reclaimed from a cedar shingle that was blown off the roof of their house and from drift wood i gathered from the beach i made it in about 2 days and it is now proudly hanging on the bird feeder in the garden attracting many species of birds

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Step 1: Make the Bottom Half First

to make the bottom i found too forked branches and cut the bottoms flat then i drilled too pilot holes at either end of a reclamed shingle and in the the bottom of the sticks securing them with screws

Step 2: Make a Roof

to make the roof i split a shingle in half and picked out a fairly thick stick that was just long enough t rest in the forked sticks nicely as a sort of rafter i then drilled two pilot holes in both cedar halves and screwed them to the stick at a angle to help protect the bird seed from rain place the roof on top of the forked sticks and nail it in place

Step 3: Finishing Touches

add some cedar strips to the base and a nice looking driftwood peace that really adds to the look of a garden

i added a eye bolt on top to hang it from but it could also be placed on a pillar or platform


thanks for reading my instructible this was a really fun and easy project that cost me nothing so why not try it if you do tack a picture and share it i love seeing what others have made if you liked it please vote for me i would really appreciate it

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