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Introduction: Reclaimed Coffee Table

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I recently was given around 3o pallets. I was so excited about all this free wood now. The first thing I made was a coffee table for my friend. She I could make it however I wanted so I tried to make it a little interesting.

Step 1: Cutting the Wood

I started out by marking two lines in the middle of the base to divide the table top into two halfs. I used a piece of left over plywood for the base. I cut one end at 45 degrees on all of my pallet slats. The easiest way to do this was with my chop saw. I repeated cutting the slats until I had enough wood.

Step 2: Attaching the Boards

Next I glued down the pieces to the Board and added some Brad nails. I repeated this step to the other side of the table. This part went really quickly. Just make sure your wood isn't too warped or it can pull up.

Step 3: Adding a Boarder and Sanding

I used a piece of 2x2 to frame the table. My cutting wasn't perfect so I had to cut a shim to make it all fit. This table was really rough so I used a belt sander to get it relatively flat. This took around three hours.

Step 4: Finishing

Next I added gray stain to make the pieces match more. I wiped the excess off with a rag. I sealed the table with a few coats of polycrylic.

Step 5: Enjoy Your New Table!

I attached the legs using pocket holes and painted them white. They are a pretty simple design.

This table came out great for it being made of pallet wood. The best thing was my friend loved it.

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