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Why did I do this project?

Hello, me again. This time I've completed another project including rings. Using the materials I had with me I've been completing a number of jewellery projects for my gorgeous girl friend. This time I have been using 1/2 inch copper pipe. I have had this since I put the shower in early September of last year. and since it was just laying around, I thought id use it. On top of this, I love using odd materials and incorporating them into projects that don't exactly fit it.

What will I need?

- 1/2 inch copper pipe (needs to be 7-10mm long but if you have a pipe cutter or hack saw the size doesn't matter.)

- Hack saw

- Three Dremel bits

- Vice

- 600 grit sand paper or wet and dry.

- Drill driver or Dremel


Step 1: What Will You Need?

The pictures above will show you what I mean by dremel parts. Im not quite sure what they are as ive only used them twice, maybe a viewer can tell me in the comments without sounding cocky haha.

Step 2: The Pipe

Step One - The pipe

First things first, no matter how big your pipe is at this stage make sure you follow it no matter what as it will make the next few steps much easier. Use the Dremel parts and place them tightly Inside of your drill driver. Place your drill driver on the low speed at first but if you're confident, just go straight to high. Place the edge of the pipe around the triangular Dremel bit and turn on the drill. The pipe may move at first. If you struggle, just tighten the pipe into a wood working vive making sure you don't squash the pipe. Complete this stage until the rings edge has no burs on it and the surface is smooth. Make sure you don't touch the edge of the copper pipe as it might be hot.

Step 3: Cutting the Pipe

Step Two - Cutting the Pipe

Place the Pipe into your vice, applying little bits of pressure so you don't squash the tube like shape of the pipe. Its probably best if you use a wood working vice.

Use a ruler to mark on 8mm from the edge you just machined and the place the blade of the hack saw onto your mark. I know the picture shows a coping saw. i have a multi-use blade so i can cut plastic, metal and wood.

When this is done make sure you don't handle it straight away as it might be hot.

Step 4: Finishin the Ring

Step 3 - Finishing the ring

Complete step one again but with the other side. Place the triangular dremel bit into the ring and try to get it very smooth.

When I was done with this step, i then began to use normal 100 grit sandpaper to get a much better finish.

Be careful when completing this step as the metal can get hot. To avoid burning your fingers, i recommend using a pair of needle nosed pliers.

Step 5: Finished!!!

WELL DONE!!! you have now completed the latest copper ring. If you try this make sure you comment a picture and if you have any other ideas with the copper pipe make sure you share and maybe I can build something!

You can also buy PVC pipe so if you finding that metal work is too difficult, you can always use the plastic tube first to develop your skills.

Feel free to comment and favourite my instructable! i really want to get this featured as i have worked really hard on this project. Please follow my account and thanks again for reading!!!



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    6 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I used to do this all the time when I worked HVAC.


    2 years ago

    They look great. Can I recommend painting the inside of the ring with either clear nail polish or clear spray paint. Copper has a tendency to turn your skin green after direct contact. Great Instructable!

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Oh if course, the copper oxides and creates zink which can rub onto the skin. I have painted a clear coat on both tings but that was after I uploaded the instructable. If I get time ill update it but thank you so much!!!