Reclaimed Firewood Ambiance Light "Ardenne"




Introduction: Reclaimed Firewood Ambiance Light "Ardenne"

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How to make a nice ambient light out of firewood.

Step 1: First Let Me Show You the Idea.

This is a multi movable piece of light. you can set it like you want and regulate the amount of light with the flaps. in the last pictures i even put some extra candles on it to add something extra. the sky is the LIMIT. check out how it is build!

Step 2: Videobuild

The video shows the build with extra speed so you don't get bored of the repetetive work.

This is the firelog it all started with. A nice piece of firewood from the Ardenne in Belgium.

Step 3: This Is What You Need

-Gu10 socket. (reclaimed from defect nighstandlight).

-Gu10 2 or 3watt led (so it doesn't get too hot).(new).

-extensioncord with or without switch (mine is an old cord of broken vacuumcleaner).

-10mm steelpipe and some washers (ebay is the way :D).


Step 4: Start

we cut up the block in the amount of pieces we want. Dont forget the minimum buildhigh for the led AND socket the fit in!

Next cut the pipe to average length. sand it down nicely.

Step 5: Next

We drill the holes for the pivot and lightspot

10mm pipe=10mm hole for pivot.

my light is about 35mm, so i took an american forstnerbit that is a bit bigger.(for all holes)

Step 6: Next Next

make room on the bottom to fit all wires and sockets. dont forget to drill a hole straight trough so the GU10 cables can get to the bottom of the light where the extensioncord sits.

i put some rubber feet on it to protect the surface.

Step 7: Next Next Next ;-)

connect all wires, makes sure you do this right. next i use hotglue to get it sticking to the base AND to isolate the cables.

the GU10 socket is put in with some rubbersilicone since hotglue and temperature arent that great ;-).

just don't forget the 2(or 1) washer or any other spacer to put between each slat so the can more freely and have some space to let the light come out..

now you are down and can play with it.

i might forget some steps, but this is a real simple project that any handyman could do with ease. (or a great learning for the ones who are just stepped into it.)

have a nice time!

happy greetings,




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    24 Discussions

    I love this. I'm going to make this with my daughters. But instead of drilling all the "light spots" with the same forstner bit, I'm going to let them cut freeform shapes on the jigsaw table. Then you can cast amoeba shadow puppets on the ceiling.

    1 reply

    1 year ago

    very nice art , have you know any links to gallery for such beautiful art made things

    1 reply

    sorry,mate, most stuff i make comes from my mind. instructables is a nice place to find stuff like this haha. well, actually true, i love alot of stuff here.

    Did you sand each piece slightly concave so light can show through? Or are they just flat?

    1 reply

    just flat. the only sanding was to make them less rough and to remove sharp edges. the spacers make sure the light can get through it. and because of the light color wood it makes the like easier to reflect.

    I am concerned about heat/fire potential. What is the risk level?

    3 replies

    I use LED GU-10 bulbs in my kitchen. They don't get anywhere close to as hot as standard incandescent bulbs (and they use a lot less power!)

    jup, indeed. the light i bought is never too hot to touch, so the risk of fire just as high as any other storebought light. and the electrical connection is stored in hotglue on the bottom, so no risk of electrical fire too. friendly greetings, Jörgen

    Hope you have seen many loglights then hahaha ;-). you probably haven't seen it because it was just online, and i didn't steal it of an existing model (but you never know if somebody has made this before) friendly greetings, Jörgen

    I like this. You can see it has an LED in the bottom piece and the candles were just placed on a few open spaces. At first I thought this was made using candles. It can be confusing until you look through the steps.

    1 reply

    haha, ok, didn't notice that :-). i would not put a tealight into the base.haha. tealight was actually an extra that i found out when the light was actually put in place. It's a oable option, and who doesn't like options right ;-)