Reclaimed Palet Wood Table




About: im ross i like to make stuff

i made this table using an old palet, 2 lenthes of salved (1by2 wood ), 8 screws and a bunch of wood glue

Step 1: Step 1 the Fraim

its essentially a rectangle frame with mitred corners I cut using a miter box with I glued together I used the original length of the pallet for the top but I made 2 inch recess from the edge of the top to the edge of the frame

Step 2: Step Two the Legs

I glued the legs to the frame but I laminated two pieces together to make a square

Step 3: Step 3 the Top

I the glued the top on and gave it a light sanding to keep the rustic look I than panted it with leftover paint from renovation our house



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    1 year ago

    That looks pretty :) I like the colors that you used!

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