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Introduction: Reclaimed Pallet Napkin or Spice Holder

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We braved the chill and had a family braai this weekend. While carting herbs and spices in and out I realised I could make a holder using leftover reclaimed pallet scraps. You can use this reclaimed wood holder for herbs and spices, for npkins, or anything else you can think of. The holder I made is 300mm long x 130mm wide x 180mm high, but you can make it any size depending on the size of your reclaimed pallet timber.

1. Cut sections for the front, back and base (all the same length), cut the sides to the same width as the base. It's reasonably easy to cut reclaimed timber that has been lying around for some time, since it's soft and dry.

2. On both sides, mark the height of the front and back onto the side sections. This will allow you to cut an angle in the sides to the correct height.

3. Use wood glue to secure the sides onto the base.

GOOD TO KNOW: Use clamps at either end to hold the glued front and back in leave for a couple of hours for the glue to partially set.

4. While clamped insert the sides and apply glue to the base. It should be a tight fit.

5. Apply a thin bead of wood glue around the inside joins. This will strengthen the bond and ensure everything is nicely glued together.

6. Most reclaimed timber is uneven due to aging, and any gaps can be filled with wood glue for added strength.

GOOD TO KNOW: Where you are applying glue, angle the holder so that the glue runs into the joint and not all over the outside of the holder. Use a damp cloth to wipe away any excess glue.

Fitting a handle
I used a tree branch using a mitre box and saw to serve as a handle. Other alternatives include a pine dowel, or to use medium-gauge wire.

Add a decorative touch to your finished holder with a vintage brass plate, or a knob or handle. Screw in place or use epoxy glue to secure onto the holder.

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    Good Job, nice to see a SA instructable.