Reclaimed Pallet Wood Sliding Barn Door




About: I have always been good with my hands and loved to take apart and reassemble things. I started woodworking as a hobby, and it has grown into a passion.

Using pallets to make things is a great way to save money while creating your own look. I made this door for my wife's office to go to the doorway between the front desk and the conference room. I was pleased with the work, but what helped, even more, were all the compliments and people asking to buy it off the wall. So, let's get to your project.

Step 1: ​Step 1: Locate and Disassemble Pallets.

Pallets are the easiest and cheapest wood to find. And the best thing about them is that most pallets are already treated so you don't have to worry too much about the weather if you plan on using them for outdoor projects. After scouring around town for some pallets, I found some at Home Depot that the employees were willing to give to me. You should try to find pallets at most large box stores and even at recycling centers. Once you get them where you need them disassemble and sand them down.

Step 2: ​Step 2: Plan Your Layout.

Once all of your wood is separated and sanded, it's time to plan the layout of the door. Place your planks in the shape of the door and figure out where you want each board. This can be tricky since everyone has their own preferences on how they like their wood grain patterns.

Step 3: Cut and Assemble Your Wood.

Now that you have your layout planned, cut your wood according to the size you need for your door. Make sure to account for the door molding in your with and height. The door should be able to cover all the molding, be placed above the top of the door frame and still be close to the ground. The door in the photo is 44 by 80 inches. Once all of your pieces are cut, use wood glue and finishing nails to hold your slats in place to the frame. Be sure to keep your chosen wood layout so that you get the desired look.

Step 4: Assemble the Door Handle

Plan out and assemble your handle. The best look for this door would be using 1/2 inch pipe. Once it's assembled paint it to your desired color that matches the door colors you choose. I suggest using Rust-oleum for the pipe since it sticks to it quite well.

Step 5: Paint/stain, Assemble and Hang Door

Now that your door and handle are together it's time to stain or paint your door. Ensure you let it dry prior to moving any further with your project. After it's dry place your handle in the location you feel it will best be used. This can be accomplished by using 1-inch screws with the flanges at the end of the pipe. Now hang your door with a sliding door assembly according to the instructions. You may need to place a 1/4 the length of the track if your studs aren't in the correct places.

Step 6: Finishing Thoughts

This is a fairly straightforward project, and the longest part of it is sanding all of the wood you're going to use. But, in the end, the door is cheap and helps make any room look pleasing. Like I said at the beginning, I'm extremely happy with how this door turned out. So far I have ended up making two more of these doors to sell to people around the office. Thanks for reading my post and be sure to let me know what you think about this project in the comments.



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    1 year ago

    Those look beautiful! I love the old wood with the metal frame :)

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks so much. This was a fun project and went really well with the office. The building is an old train depot and still had the railroad ties showing in the walls.