Reclaimed Wood Chisel Rack

Lately my chisels have been strewn around my bench. They had no place to go and kept falling onto the floor, dulling the edges. I got tired of this and so decided to make a chisel rack from whatever wood I had lying around.

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Step 1: Layout and Design

As you can see from my terribly drawn plans, this project is designed to be put up against the wall. The space between the top piece of wood and the wall is where the chisels will be held in place.

I laid out my chisels on the top piece of wood to determine that I had enough space to put them all (at the minute I have only 5)

Step 2: Cut, Plane, Sand, Repeat.

I cut the two side supports out of one single pallet wood slat. The length of them is just whatever looked good to me. This is a shop project, so I'm not insanely worried about looks!

After that, I ran the boards over my acoustic jointer (a hand plane in a vice!) I find this works really well for small pieces and leaves them nice and square.

Finally I sanded all the pieces up to 120 grit using my detail sander.

Step 3: All About That Base

For the base I am using a heavy chunk of an unknown wood. This should provide plenty of stability for the chisel rack.

Step 4: Screw It!

I used two screws on each vertical post to hold up the top piece of wood.

Then the top piece was secured with one screw in each side. This should be plenty strong as it doesn't have to hold up a terrible amount of weight.

Step 5: Done!

And with that the chisel rack is finished! I'm really happy with how it turned out, and the base even allows for a convenient place to put my sharpening equipment!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my instructable! If you have a little more time, it would really mean a lot if you could vote for this project in the reclaimed wood contest! Thanks!


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    3 years ago

    Nice! Well documented too!

    Don't underestimate your drawing skills for the design, mine are way worse!

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you, that means a lot! Once I get the ideas across in the sketches, I'm happy :)