Reclaimed Wood Panels





Introduction: Reclaimed Wood Panels

Here is a great and simple way to reuse old fence wood.
  • Cut off the bottoms that have rotted out.
  • Layout in straight rows or create a pattern such as herringbone on a piece of 1/2" plywood
  • Use screws or nails to attach.
  • Cut shape out using router for circles and complex curves or a saw for straight lines.
  • Hang on the wall
Don't over complicate this project, leaving it simple will bring more attention to the use of reclaimed wood and add the minimalist style.



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    5 Discussions

    Where are the actual instructions? Without those it feels more like a "suggestible."

    I think that would be a great use of large wire spools! Would love to see a photo of it.

    The large panel is 6' and is about 150lbs. I used 2, 300lbs hooks just to be sure it wouldn't come off the wall. Between the reclaimed and 1/2" ply, there would be plenty of room to carve out an area for the clock components.