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Hi guys, so this one has been a long time coming!

If you have seen my other (very long) Instructable, you will see this table on some pages. So I have finally put an Instructable together for it! :) This is all made out of reclaimed pallet wood. It did take a bit of sanding and prepping of the wood to have it straight and clean, but worth it for the cost!

Simple, nothing spectacular, just a few steps on how I built my table!


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Step 1: The Frame

I measured up my current inside, dining room table and used that to rough out the size of the new table.

Simple square edges, with some inside frames for support.

The legs were a simple construction of 4 flat pieces of pallet wood, clamped and glued to get a solid beam.

I used bungy ropes to hold it together to allow time for wood glue and nails to dry.

Step 2: The Top

Once the main frame was dry and sturdy, I laid out a nice pattern on the top with all the rough wood, nailed it down and glued.

Step 3: Style and Painting

I did the first coat of dark grey paint on the top and a light grey on the legs.

Letting this dry, I went over with a sander and gave the colour a bit of depth. Also sanding down all the rough edges and high points on the table.

PS - Here you can see the concrete slab which was the main foundation of my first instructable - check it out!

Step 4: Final Coat

I did another coat of paint on the top over where I had sanded.

The photos don't do justice, but the colour came out really well!

Step 5: Finishing Touch

A final clear coat to seal the wood gave the table a great finish!

Easy quick build that took 4 days (2 weekends) for a great result!

I ended up giving this to my brother to enjoy!

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    1 year ago on Step 5

    Nice table! How did you get all the wood jointed (square and parallel lines)? Or did you just make sure to only use pieces that were already straight and square?