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Introduction: Reclaimed Pallet Bird Feeder

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I've had a couple of pallets for quite a while and was wondering how to use them. I decided to make a rustic bird feeder to feed the local wildlife. You will find plenty more crafty DIY ideas for using reclaimed pallets on


Reclaimed wood pallets, or any reclaimed timber

4 x 40mm cut screws


Drill / Driver + assorted bits

25mm spade bit

Jigsaw, circular saw or handsaw

Step 1: Make the Frame

1. Make a rectangular base about 250 x 400mm in size. You don't need to be exact with your measurements since we are making a rustic bird feeder. Attach the long sides onto the short sides with two screws at each corner.

Step 2: Make the Centre Uprights

2. Cut two centre uprights approximately 250mm in length. Use a 25mm spade bit to drill a hole in each of the centre uprights. The hole can be used for mounting a strip of wire or skewer for putting fruit in the feeder to attract fruit-eating wild birds.

3. The top of each upright is cut at a 45-degree angle for fitting the roof in place. Each upright is screwed to the
inside of the frame.

Step 3: Make the Base

4. Now you can attach the base for the bird feeder. In hindsight, it is probably better to add the base before you attach the uprights. It just makes it a bit easier to work with.

Step 4: Attach the Roof

5. Time to add the roof for the bird feeder. I was lucky to have two different widths of timber from the pallet, and these fit perfectly when overlapped to create the roof.

Step 5: Support for Stand

6. Since my bird feeder is going to be mounted on a length of reclaimed wood from the pallet, I made a box that is screwed to the bottom of the bird feeder and that fits over the top of the support. As an alternative you can add some chains to the sides of your bird feeder and hang in a tree.

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Step 6: Add the Base

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